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[…] The speakers were charismatic, the presentations were solid and well structured – no unnecessary clutter. It was engaging not only thanks to the content, but also occasional slides with a joke – which helped to refocus on what comes next.


Presentation very well put together despite the lighting inconvenience […] Personally, I found the whole thing VERY useful […]


The DM was a very well prepared fellow with highly entertaining character acting. Loved every second of it! oh, and not to forget, the campaign was created by the DM and was absolutely sheer joy!


Very fun overall! Definitely coming again (and regretting missing previous events). The one-shot was fun, and the characters were interesting, thematically speaking. […]


The adventure was fun, I loved the Christmas vibes! The DM described the setting nicely and changed his voice when a different NPC was talking which is always enjoyable. […] An overall pleasant experience, looking forward to future events.


While I did not have the chance to participate in person, I attended the online version and saw all of the presentations. I loved how all the presenters did their best to involve the online audience and answered our questions to the best of their abilities. […] Would love to some day attend in person as I’m sure this community is nothing but amazing!
Thanks once again the stunning trio and looking forward to your next one!